Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.
    --Dean Koontz

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riley 6


Hi Everyone! My name is *Riley and I guess I’m a handsome man. I’m not sure what that means, but my foster mommy tells me all the time I’m her handsome man. When she calls me that, I roll over for belly rubs b/c I know she’s going to rub my belly, and I LOVE that! I’m between 2-3 years old and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m living in a busy house, with kids and other fur siblings, and I do great with all of them. I have two foster brothers and three foster sisters. I’m a quiet guy, (and handsome, too) who is completely fine with letting any/all of my foster siblings be in charge. I’m learning how to play with them, and it’s so much fun. I love to run and play with them in the yard, especially my nine month old foster sister. She’s teaching me all sorts of fun doggy things to do in the yard (like how it’s fun to chew on sticks and play with my other fur siblings). Foster mommy won’t let me run around too much though b/c she tells me I’m heartworm positive. She also tells me I’m handling treatment like a trooper and will be ready for adoption when I’m all done with treatment. I’m not sure what this heartworm thing is though b/c I feel really good and I’m so happy to be able to just be a young dog doing all the doggy things I can.

I don’t know what my name was when I came to my foster home, but I’ve learned that my new name is Riley and I come when I’m called. I know what “no” means and I learned “sit” in a couple of days. I also know that I’m supposed to go potty outside, and I always do that. Foster mommy is teaching me about this thing called a kennel. Even though I don’t really like it so much, I will go in with some slight encouragement and a treat. I also eat my meals in there and have learned that my kennel is a safe place and that it’s ok once I get in there. I just lie down quietly and wait for foster mommy to eventually come back and let me out. I don’t really bark too much, even though my foster siblings do sometimes. When mommy tells them no, and to come inside, I come inside, too. I also come when she specifically calls for me!z

Mommy tells me that I’m supposed to gain some weight b/c I was skinny when I came to her home. I think I’m doing good at that b/c now I’m eating all of my breakfast and dinner and mommy tells me “good job” and then she tells me I’m her handsome man. Boy, I must be really handsome b/c she tells me that a lot!

I’m kind of a timid guy; I want to be a playful puppy, but I’m still learning about humans and that they are good to have around and that I can trust them. I really want to please my humans, so when I see them, especially foster mommy, I will approach in a somewhat guarded yet submissive stance. I wag my tail at all of my family, and now that I am getting to know all of them, my tail wagging is so happy that I have a super wiggly butt when wagging my tail. I will usually roll over right away to show my belly and that I’m no threat. I’ve also learned that I get lots of belly rubs that way, and I LOVE belly rubs. Did I already tell you that? I kind of get a little scared if someone raises there voice, even if it’s not at me. I very much want to make my humans happy b/c they are so good to me. I’m just still trying to learn that I can trust them.

Foster mommy tells me that I am so handsome and sweet that I will be a good match with just about any family. I get along with all my fur siblings, I learn things quickly, I don’t bark too much, I’ve adjusted to the business of the household, and I’m fine if it’s quiet, too, I come when I’m called, I have not yet learned the finer art of this thing called begging that mommy tells my fur siblings to “stop that”, I love belly rubs, I ride quietly in the car, and although I am still timid, mommy says that I am coming around to not being so afraid of loud noises and sudden movements, and most of all, I am a handsome man-mommy says so and I’ve learned that I can trust her so it must be true.

I would like to find my furever home! Can it be you?!

*Riley has not yet been neutered. He will undergo that procedure once his HW treatment has been completed.