Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.
    --Dean Koontz

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland (BBRH) is an all volunteer organization devoted to the rescuing and rehoming of bassets and beagles in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

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memphis 2


This is Memphis, a one year old coonhound mix. Memphis is a real hound’s hound, and is everything you expect a hound to be. He is independent and laid back, follows his nose wherever it takes him, and is very loyal. Not to mention handsome as anything, and this romeo loves to give kisses!

Memphis loves to jump around and play, both inside and out in the yard. He’s happy to wrestle with his foster brothers, and enjoys car rides and running with his foster dad. But he also likes his quiet time, and will often curl up on the floor or couch, or sometimes in his own kennel, to gnaw on a bone or snooze. Speaking of, Memphis is a chewer so it’s best to keep toys accessible and socks out of reach.

Memphis weighs in at about 75lbs. Because of his size and goofiness his play can get a little rowdy, but it’s always in good fun. He is great with kids of all ages (and has been known to make nice with bunnies!), but just because he is big caution is suggested around smaller children who could be frightened or knocked over. He would do well either with other dogs, or as an only dog.

He came into rescue with no training, but has since learned to sit and go in his kennel, and is working on learning boundaries, especially where food is involved. He has a tendency to counter surf (“Come on dad, I know the cookies are up there.”), but takes correction well. He is fully potty trained and crate trained. Although you’d never know it, Memphis has previously tested positive for hearthworm, and will soon be undergoing testing to see if further treatment is needed.